Custom Options

Build it your way! Custom jewelry made exactly to the design specifications you desire. Added designs, sayings, personal brands, or initials can be added to your piece. Here at ZAP we encourage your own unique creativity, to truly make your product one of a kind!

Have a custom order you would like to be made? Feel free to contact me using the box below!

  • Our Mission At ZAP Customs

    Hand crafting one of a kind pieces that fit the exact needs of the customer is the main priority. Bringing joy with every wear, with every customer, is the primary objective!

  • Meet the Maker

    Hello! I am Zach Parker and the creator and owner of ZAP Customs Designs. Originally from Pennsylvania, I started designing and learning my skills in 2013. As I made my way west in 2017, with me came a old Singer Sewing machine. As the years have gone by since then, I have spent many hours making handmade products for great customers all over this country. I take great pride in every handmade piece I make, constantly trying to make it "The Best One Yet" for those who know me personally. Bringing the ideas of the customer to life, and seeing their love for their handmade products, is the power behind this brand. If it wasn’t for the amazing customers I serve, ZAP Customs Design would not be where it is today. I sincerely thank you for visiting, and I look forward to making you a one of a kind product!

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